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Shop Local – with Yuval Greenfeld at Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market

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I caught up with Yuval Greenfeld the other day to talk about his business, Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market, and how he’s managed it through the pandemic.

Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market isn’t a typical food court, nor is it a standard farmers’ market. In fact, we’ve brought to Calgary something the city has never seen before: an upscale urban food hall incorporating the elements of farmers’ markets that Calgarians know and love.

Unlike food courts, which are designed and operated to serve as many people as quickly as possible, food halls are intended to serve as culinary gathering places, facilitating memorable social experiences for the people who visit them. Originating more than one-hundred years ago within European department stores, the food hall concept has spread to major cities all over the world in recent years.

Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market lets your taste buds travel while you enjoy an open, inviting, and social market atmosphere. It is a first of its kind in Calgary.

You can check it out online at:

I https://lnkd.in/gHt_SSZ

Visit them at:

12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE


Thank you, Yuval, for taking the time to jump on this call.

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